Empowering traditional stores with online business

We are working towards taking the load out of traditional stores and making them virtually visible to the end customers. Customers can scan through the catalogue and order online from the click of a button using MeraGaon application.


A better way to shop online from your local shops.

Their store is well-managed, there is no wastage and they can cater more customers within a short span of time. With a relaxed mind, the local store owners can divert their energy towards business growth instead of coping with the everyday hurdles.

Shop Visibility

Giving the traditional shops the added advantage of online connected world for consumer visibility

Unlimited orders and enquiries

Customers can place order online through the MeraGaon consumer application to local shops

Payment report

Payment Reports and ledger for shop owners

Mobile notifications

Notifications for every consumer action and delivery lifecycle

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Our Team


Gunvanta Bobde


Vasudeo Bobde


Dipak Wadichar


Rupesh Mathankar

Software Engineer

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